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Fanworks celebrating the many characters portrayed by Zachary Quinto

About Quintopolis Zachary Quinto has portrayed some amazing and memorable characters from Smudge to Sylar and Sasan to Spock. This community features fanworks – fan fic, icons, pic spam and more – dedicated to Zach’s characters that we know and love. Any and all fanworks are welcome here as long as they feature one of Zach’s characters. News about Zach’s acting projects are also welcome, but please no real person fic or real life SPAM please. We love Zach, but we don’t want to know the details of his personal life. There are plenty of other places where we can read bout that if we want to.

I’ll try to update this profile to include more of Zach’s characters along the way.

Sylar – Heroes Born Gabriel Gray, the son of a watchmaker always dreamed of bigger things, of being "special". Adopting the name "Sylar," he becomes a serial murderer, targeting evolved humans with abilities, but doesn't discriminate against killing anybody who stands in his way. Having the power of intuitive aptitude, Sylar is able to see how things work and use that to take the special powers of others after killing them. The FBI has categorized Sylar as a suspected serial killer. Over the course of the series Sylar goes through quite a few changes, but eventually he helps Peter Petrelli save the world and becomes a Hero in the final episode.

Spock – Star Trek 2009 and sequels Zachary Quinto was cast in the role of a young alternate-timeline Spock for the 2009 Star Trek film, directed by J. J. Abrams. Quinto mentioned he heard about the new film and revealed his interest in the role in a December 2006 interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The article was widely circulated and he attracted Abrams' interest. Quinto expressed interest in the role because of the duality of Spock's half-human, half-Vulcan heritage, and how the character "is constantly exploring that notion of how to evolve in a responsible way and how to evolve in a respectful way. I think those are all things that we as a society, and certainly the world, could implement." Nimoy subsequently befriended Quinto. Although Quinto watched some episodes of the show during breaks in filming, Nimoy was his main resource in playing Spock.

Sasan – So NoTORIous Sasan is an openly gay (but secretly gay to his parents) Iranian-American, and he can be a little judgmental at times (Bitchy). But he means well if you're a friend. He is based on Tori Spelling's best friend, and he's featured in all 10 episodes of So NoTORIous. Sadly the show's not streamed on line anywhere, but you can pick up the DVDs from Amazon.

Chad Warwick – American Horror Story In season one, Chad and his boyfriend Patrick are responsible for the restoration of the Murder House. He and Patrick planned on flipping the house, but the housing market went to shit. Stuck with a huge mortgage, the stress caused friction in their relationship. Things went form bad to worse when Patrick cheated on Chad (probably more than once). Chad and Patrick’s official cause of death was listed as a murder/suicide, but we all know better now.

Adam Kaufman – 24 Adam first appears in season 3 of 24: The Game when he is brought into CTU as an analyst. He assists CTU by cracking several codes, extracting files, and locating the site where terrorists have planted a bomb. He develops an adversarial relationship with Chloe O'Brian in the third season because Chloe thinks he cannot work with women due to his abrasive personality. He is personally shaken when he learns that his sister is infected by the Cordilla virus, which kills anyone who contracts it.

Peter Sullivan – Margin Call Peter is instrumental in driving the plot in Margin Call (the first feature film produced by Zach’s Before the Door). A respected financial company is downsizing and one of the victims is the risk management division head, who was working on a major analysis just when he was let go. His protégé completes the study late into the night and then frantically calls his colleagues in about the company's financial disaster he has discovered. What follows is a long night of panicked double checking and double dealing as the senior management prepare to do whatever it takes to mitigate the debacle to come even as the handful of conscientious comrades find themselves dragged along into the unethical abyss.

Smudge – Off Center In the episode Diddler on the Roof, Zach played, Smudge, who is pretty much beyond any explanation that I can give here. But if you’d like to see him, check out this video on You Tube. Video of Smudge

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for the inspiration and entertainment.

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